[Saarbrücken] 20.08. Dragonlord treasury Tournament

[Saarbrücken] 20.08. Dragonlord treasury Tournament

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First Netrunner Tournament of sp(G)rit in Saarbrücken

Location: Dragon Lord Games
Mainzer Str. 39, 66111 Saarbrücken

By train: From the main station with the Saarbahn to Landwehrplatz. Walk further to the next intersection. Right you go to the Rosenstraße and then at the next intersection turn left into Mainzer Straße.
Parking: At the shop and continue past it there possibly individual parking in the Mainzer Straße and around. Otherwise, for example, on Landwehrplatz or on the Saar in the Franz-Josef-Röder-Straße.

Board: The store is quite central: both Rewe and the St. Johann market with various offers are not far.

Date: Saturday, 20.08.

Check-in time from: 12:30
Start time: 13:00 Hour

Format: Swiss system. The number of rounds depends on the number of participants. No Cut.
Cards Pool: As things stand all set up to "23 Seconds"

Cards languages: all

Tournament rules: Standard Heidelberg. IMPORTANT: both the latest FAQ and the new NAPD Most Wanted List (MWL) are relevant for the tournament!

Entry fee: 2.00 euros. Please bring suitable as possible.

[b]Deck List
: No! Please watch yet on the legality of the deck, in particular as regards the new MWL and limitations of the new FAQ:

Astro - Limit 1 per deck. (Core Set, # 81)
Museum of History - Unique (Mumbad Cycle, # 19)
Wireless Net Pavilion - Unique (SanSan Cycle, # 108)

• Cerberus "Lady" H1 (Lunar Cycle, # 99)
• Clone chip (Creation & Control, # 38)
• D4v1d (Lunar Cycle, # 33)
• Desperado (Core Set, # 24)
• Faust (SanSan Cycle, # 61)
• Parasite (Core Set, # 12)
• Pre-Paid Voice PAD (Spin Cycle, # 29)
• Wyldside (Core Set, # 16)
• Yog.0 (Core Set, # 14)
• Architect (Lunar Cycle, # 61)
• Breaking News (Core Set, # 82)
• Eli 1.0 (Genesis Cycle, # 110)
• Mumba Temple (Mumbad Cycle, # 18)
• NAPD Contract (Spin Cycle, # 119)
• SanSan CityGRID (Core Set, # 92)

Price: Andy emptied his treasury

By e-mail to schijan0815-spGrit@yahoo.com
Please indicate first name, first letter of the surname and nickname.

maximum number of participants: 32
The current list of Reservations you can always find here:

Tournament Organizer (TO): Starter


Bring a full set of original token with you; alternatives such as cubes, Astra-bottle caps or poker chips may be used only with the consent of the match opponent.

Meanwhile no transparent cases more are admitted. The store usually available also tournament legal cases for sale.

Players who play an Identity with alternative art also bring the standard version with them. The match opponents can claim their use. Unofficial IDs are not allowed.

The TO is expected to participate in the tournament.
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